Monday, August 8, 2011


In the church we sure do alot of talking about how things should be, but what do we DO.  Many stand to testify and make passionate commentary, but that's as far as it goes.  The same scene plays out in churches all across the country at various times during any given week, yet the world remains unaffected.  I must say that no one is preaching the gospel in power like Jesus did, otherwise we'd hear about it.  Jesus and His disciples created a stir wherever they went, and people heard about it - and all without CNN!

The nationally known pastor that wrote the book promoting universalism made more of a splash than anyone who might be speaking the truth.  Jesus told us He would make us fishers of men.  We have become well versed in talking, learning and teaching about fishing but we never fish.  If we never prove the truth by showing it in action, the lies and falsehood will always have the upper hand.

We can't simply speak or pray things into existence.  We must go and make disciples.  We cannot simply stand in church and "bind or loose" stuff.  We can't stand there and say, "This is how it's gonna be," and expect anything to happen.  It gives us spiritual goosebumps and makes us look spiritual, but it has absolutely no effect on anything.