Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Preacher on the Fence

I don't know the original source for this old poem, but it is so very true.  Saw it first on Facebook, posted by Jerry Demott.  Thanks Jerry!

From out the millions of the earth
God often calls a man
To preach the Word
And for the Truth to take a royal stand.
'Tis sad to see him shun the cross,
nor stand in its defense;
Between the fields of right and wrong,
A preacher on the fence.

Before him are the souls of men
Bound for heaven or hell;
An open Bible in his hand,
And yet he will not tell
All the truth that's written there;
To them 'twould be an offense.
The joys of heaven, the woes of hell.
A preacher on the fence.

Now surely God has called a man
To battle for the right;
'Tis his to ferret out the wrong,
And turn on us the light.
And yet he dare not tell the truth;
He fears the consequence;
The most disgusting thing on earth
Is a preacher on the fence.

If he should stand up for the wrong,
The right he'd not defend.
If he should stand up for the right,
The wrong he would offend.
His mouth is closed; he cannot speak
For freedom or against.
Great God, please deliver us
From a preacher on the fence!

But soon both sides will find him out,
And brand him as a fraud.
A coward who dares not to please
the devil or his God.
Oh Lord, free us from fear of man;
From cowardly pretense;
Cleanse out the dross and fear of loss,
And keep us off the fence!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Talk, Power or Neither?

"The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power." 1 Co 4:20

Curiously, the church is split on this subject.  One segment believes the power of God and the gifts are for today; the other doesn't and would rather rely upon talk.   But where is the church on the world scene today?  Those who believe in power, for the most part, are sitting home too scared, busy or indifferent to use it.  Those who believe in talk are at home doing the same thing.  What is it going to take to get the church back on track?  It will take a few bold individuals to get up, challenge the status quo, and actually do what the word of God says rather than just reading about it.

Anyone up to the challenge?